When @giz_au said I looked stupid


When Gizmodo Australia said I looked stupid

An hour ago, my sister tweeted that my wrist was on Gizmodo Australia. Sure enough, there I was on How Stupid Are You Willing To Look For Apple’s Magical iWatch?

My response (pending moderation):

I’m the guy in the photo who’s “Willing To Look Stupid For Apple”. My sister tweeted me and said my wrist was on Gizmodo Australia.

For me, this generation iPod nano is really useful. I use the built in pedometer constantly (a feature that’s barely mentioned in the press). It’s a memory key I’m guaranteed to always have around, more so than other keys that so often get left in the wrong trouser pocket. As a watch, it’s easy to see at a glance. The wristband for it came from an official Apple Store. In a pinch, I can dump some podcasts onto it if my phone is running low on space.

And now I go back to ignoring Gawker sites and their regional clones with their sensationalist, click-bait headlines. “How Stupid Are You Willing To Look For Apple’s Magical iWatch?” … good grief.

It’s a shame nobody has a stolen prototype iWatch for your American colleagues to buy.

Stay classy, Gizmodo. Reach for new standards in journalistic excellence and integrity, while insulting the people you sourced your free image from.

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