Ghost of The Ascott, Singapore


Photo of The Ascott building in Singapore

And we find ourselves at another Sunday evening; hope you had a lovely weekend. For your consideration today, have this photo by Sengkang on WikiTravel took me back.

For several years, the building to the left was part of my shortcut to get home. We lived in one of the apartment blocks behind it on Mount Elizabeth, an amusingly titled street given it barely rose a few metres! By Singapore standards, the food court in the attached Scotts Shopping Centre downstairs was on the pricier side, but their Chinese food and Pasta Mania branch made really, really good grub.

As I kid, I liked the name. We'd briefly lived in Ascot [sic] in Brisbane before moving to Singapore, which served to remind me of the place. Ironically, it was there I began to emphathise and feel more at home in Singapore than I did back in Australia.

It was demolished in the mid 2000s.

In a few short years, it was replaced with a far taller, generic glass and concrete serviced apartment complex. To make best use of the construction site near one of the most expensive streets in the world, the scaffolding above the pedestrian walkway was enclosed and turned into an art gallery. Singapore…

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