Getting ready for Snow Leopard


My MacBook Pro's last Leopard desktop

After much anticipation my copy of Snow Leopard I pre-ordered back on Monday arrived in our mailbox early this morning. Of course Murphy's Law was in full force: I had classes, a ton of assignments and work, I tagged along with my sister to the airport for her flight to Canberra and I set our toaster oven on fire when I tried to make a slice of toast and forgot about it. Imagine the damage if it had been a grilled cheese sandwich.

Well here we are at 23:30 and I finally have some time to install this here Snow Leopard. Problem is I absolutely loathe upgrades, I much prefer starting a new install of an operating system from scratch so there's the lowest chance of something going wrong and it also forces me to do a thorough system clean out and to check the few files I don't have backed up daily.

There probably won't be many blog posts today while I frantically work on this here Snow Leopard install preparation, so you can take five. Speak of the devil, I'm listening to that now. Genius.

Oh bummer, one of my external hard drives is almost full already. This is going to be a long evening!

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