German Singapore facts you may or may not know!


Photo of the Discover Germany balloon in Singapore
Photo of the Discover Germany balloon in Singapore

Sometimes you learn something so interesting while browsing the net on a Saturday afternoon after you've long forgotten what you were supposed to be doing, you just have to tell someone. Or maybe that's just me.

In this case this afternoon I started by searching for the name and location of a certain German restaurant in Singapore for my dad, sis and I to go to for brunch tomorrow (my dad is German of course) and I came across the Discover Germany in Singapore website. I had no idea there was so much Deutsch goodness here!

For example, did you know according to the aforementioned site:

  • About 6,500 Germans live in Singapore.
  • Over 700 German companies are based in Singapore.
  • Germany is Singapore’s largest trading partner in Europe.
  • German visitors are second only to the British among European tourists in Singapore.
  • With over 1,000 students the German European School Singapore is the largest German school in Southeast Asia.
  • Over 150 years old, the German Club is the oldest foreign club in Singapore.

And some facts about Germany itself that I didn't know about, from the same site:

  • 32 of Germany’s many unique sites of natural and cultural interest have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Germany’s classical music heritage is second to none: Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms and Wagner are just a few of the many great German composers.
  • Germany’s rich theatrical landscape includes 180 public theatres, 190 private theatres, 30 festival theatres and countless independent groups and amateur theatres.
  • There are around 6000 museums in Germany.
  • In Germany, more than 300,000 people earn their living as musicians, performing artists, and specialists in academic & governmental institutions, the media & the arts.

There you go, you can't say you never learn anything here! Well you could, but you'd be awfully disingenuous. Or would you? Perhaps I'll just stop here while I'm ahead.

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