Photo of the Discover Germany balloon in Singapore
Photo of the Discover Germany balloon in Singapore

Sometimes you learn something so interesting while browsing the net on a Saturday afternoon after you've long forgotten what you were supposed to be doing, you just have to tell someone. Or maybe that's just me.

In this case this afternoon I started by searching for the name and location of a certain German restaurant in Singapore for my dad, sis and I to go to for brunch tomorrow (my dad is German of course) and I came across the Discover Germany in Singapore website. I had no idea there was so much Deutsch goodness here!

For example, did you know according to the aforementioned site:

And some facts about Germany itself that I didn't know about, from the same site:

There you go, you can't say you never learn anything here! Well you could, but you'd be awfully disingenuous. Or would you? Perhaps I'll just stop here while I'm ahead.