Zoidberg dancing on Freedom Day.

Heaven forbid this site ever start talking about things completely unrelated to tech (despite it absorbing my anime blog when I lost it ;_;) but this is big enough news to warrant a post here. Futurama is coming back!

The Fox network in the US has a breathtaking history of cancelling great shows, some people claim it's because they're evil but I rather thing they're incredible shrewd business folk. Better to cancel a show when people like it than let it drag on and fizzle out. Wait, they do The Simpsons don't they?

Anyway Futurama is coming back… I can see Zoidberg again! Only The Doctor from Star Trek Voyager is a more awesome doctor than Zoidberg.

Now they just need to start Wonderfalls (which I talked about in 2006) and Firefly again and we'll be in business. Or perhaps that wouldn't be such a good idea, I already have far too many distractions in my life at the moment. Heck, I'm still getting over the fact that guy from Baka to Test to Shōkanjū is a guy :P.