Funding bhyve VirtFS/9p completion project


Via Michael Dexter on Twitter:

Make #bhyveVirtFS/9p a thing today at! The first $1500 in sponsorships are MATCHED by an awesome company that is using bhyve 9pfs in PRODUCTION. They’re motivated. We’re motivated. Let’s do this!

And from

This project will complete the current bhyve VirtFS/9p work with a roadmap for feature competitiveness with QEMU/KVM and Windows WSL2.

I remember getting excited about this back in late 2016 when I saw this newsgroup message by Jakub Wojciech Klama from earlier that year. If we could have this in bhyve, I would be unreasonably happy.

For those unfamiliar, at a high level VirtFS allows you to pass through folders directly into virtual machines from a host, rather than dealing with generic NFS or Samba/CIFS. This paper by members of IBM’s Linux Technology Centre goes into great detail explaining the motivation behind the system, and its implementation. I’ll try and blog more about it.

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