SEO spammers are a unique breed. Whereas most people are happy to sell you junk, these people make it out that your very business is at stake. They're the online equivilent of a website protection racket. The good news is it's all baloney.

(Google's closed search algoritms don't help this. In fact, I'd say the entire SEO industry is built on Google's obtuseness).

Today's message was unique in that it even included contradictions.

My name is Emily, I work as a Search Specialist for a Marketing Company in Sydney, anyway I came across your site while doing some research in your industry.

And which industry would that be? But I digress; this was her footer.

Headquarters: Office 7003 X2 Tower,Cluster X, Melbourne Vic. 3000,Australia Other Offices: NZ | China | USA | Singapore | UAE

3000 is Melbourne's post code, but the rest of the address doesn't exist there. It's also not Sydney, where she claimed to work. A quick search of their address returned this post on SEO Spammers Exposed, which includes the same fake address.

I suppose spammers assume that an address; even a poorly formatted one; lends just enough credibility to sucker more people in.