Ten more Rubenerd Fun Facts!


Fun Facts!

If you missed them, feel free to refer to the previous Rubenerd Fun Facts posts (part one, part two, part three, part four, part five). And as usual, feel free to take notes. Danke.

Wild Pig image by NASA. Yes! Despite the name Swine Flu, most pigs still can’t fly.
Due to a clerical typographic error in 2003, Neal O’Caroll was briefly mistaken for a cut of young beef.
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System by Luca Galuzzi Industrial heat exchangers often can’t be returned for refunds.
Permanent markers Permanent makers are made out of plastic so they are.
NetBSD is the most commonly used operating system on fishing trawlers.
PC DOS Mem screen Fun fact blog posts are up to 12x more useless even than blog posts talking about maximising conventional memory in DOS. Speaking of which…
Acceptance by the general public is the Final Frontier.
Asahina Mikuru If moe-ness were a currency, Mikuru could buy her own reality given she can’t just dream it up like Haruhi.
Hard drive photo by Alessio Sbarbaro Western Digital hard drives are manufactured in the East.
Kallen holding a letter Anime figures make for expensive but cute paper holders.
TrueCrypt Despite the name, most vampires find it difficult to use TrueCrypt.
Xeon stickers Computers have to have their “Xeon” stickers removed in Scientology strongholds to avert fears of demonic possession.

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