My current dangerous musical obsession from Whole Wheat Radio is The Renovators! From their artist page:

Need a change of view? Call The Renovators! Adjustments to the spirit? Installments of humor? Try The Renovators!! A new attic or front porch? RENOVATORS!!!! They have the tools. They know the styles.

The Berger Brothers, Ted Hemberger on drums and Al Hemberger on bass and vocals, have made a name for themselves recording and playing throughout the Northeast.

Get renovated!

They have an official website, and their music is available from CDBaby.

The song that started this obsession is the hilarious, upbeat and fun song I Don't Ski off the album Rhythm and Blueprints.

I don’t ski

I’ve got a bad knee
Please, let me be
Don’t wanna ski
I don’t ski

But, that’s just me
You may disagree
Do you want to ski? Feel free
I don’t ski

Pardon me
I’d rather go climb a tree
Or stay at home, And have tea
I don’t ski

I don’t chickadee,
It’s too bourgeoisie
I have no pedigree, I’m no VIP
I don’t ski

I hereby decree
So, get away from me
Because I don’t ski

Nor on snow, lake or sea
Not 1, 2 or 3
Tell the powers that be
I’ll be in my MPV
I’m heading to Miami