Wait, FriendFeed still exists?



Hot on the heels of my comment on someone's tweet about Facebook (wow, wasn't that an internet sentence) one of my friend CalgaryGuru's tweets got me thinking about FriendFeed.

Just pulled Facebook out of my FriendFeed… Stuff I post on FB doesn’t always make sense as a twitter tweet. Besides, FF is depricated.

(emphasis added)

It seems like only yesterday all the social network big wigs, head honchos and other cranially related titles (cranially related titles?) were using FriendFeed and hailing it as the aggregation answer to all their disparate service problems. Then overnight Facebook bought them out, and now they're about as relevant as Google Knol or the Rubenerd Blog.

I'd anticipated the sale to Facebook would scare some people off, but I had no idea it would be this quick and to the sheer extent it did. As far as I know Leo Laporte's TWiT network uses it for shows, but other than that when I go to FriendFeed it feels like a ghost town. I'm not the only one saying this.

My dad and I still have our FriendFeed accounts, but neither of us can remember when we used them. Do you still use yours?

The funny thing is, I still get emails every now and then telling me someone new is following my FriendFeed profile. Huh.

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