Gerard van Essen I see to be congratulating a lot of different people here in recent weeks. Frankly it's just so uplifting to have so many deserving people to to praise in light of the shenanigans of… well, other people.

On this gorgeous Monday afternoon I wanted to send my belated personal congratulations to Gerard van Essen who's been tirelessly covering the world of FreeBSD and auxiliary projects over at now for over two years. As someone who struggled for so long to stay on topic on his own blog that he eventually gave up, I hold even more respect for his conviction!

I’ve been running this FreeBSD news blog for exactly 2 years today. FreeBSD and operating systems have developed and evolved a lot since then; reporting and writing about these have been enjoyable.

Many thanks to everybody who’s notified and emailed me about stories, and those that have left comments.

For those who don't know, Gerard is one of the Core Team members of the PC-BSD project which aims to make FreeBSD accessible to more people by configuring hardware and installing a graphical environment automatically. If you don't like Ubuntu or have wanted to try FreeBSD after reading my babble on about here incessantly, you should give it a shot!

I think when we spend so much of our time online digesting news sources and downloading free and open source software, it's easy to forget there are real people behind them that make them possible. I've resolved to give due credit to sites and software I find useful.