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Ruben… the FreeBSD guy? Yes!

Mark at Planet Fedora: Everything is better with bacon:

Just thought I would take a moment to remind Fedora folks that even people outside of our project are rooting for us. We are going through growing pains, and quite possibly an identity crisis. This is normal, things improve. Take a breather folks; relax a bit (I promise you – that will really help things quite a bit.)

We have the Four Pillars to help here, as well as the beautiful simplicity of *Be Excellent* to each other. Folks in other parts of the FOSS universe could not help but overhear some of the debates currently happening. We do so much for Linux/FOSS in general- that our health is very important. Most can see this.

People like me

I'm still at heart a FreeBSD and Mac user, but when I deploy Linux I deploy Fedora, just as I did Red Hat Linux back in the day. Its well maintained, has an enthusiastic developer and support community, RPMs for a ridiculous amount of software are readily available, and the releases are reliably scheduled and polished.

Fedora's improvements have a trickle down effect and benefit us all. For example, on my FreeBSD machines I run much of the same software, plus I benefit from the push towards open drivers and upstream improvements to desktop environment usability and software security patches.

I’ve been following several of the issues in the Fedora community on their mailing lists, not least the skirmish regarding the UI future of Gnome 3 which I've commented on. Ultimately I hope these issues are resolved and everyone grows stronger from the shared experience. One of the strengths of the free and open source software movement is democracy.

I didn't even poke fun at the fact that rooting in Australia means something else entirely.

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