FreeBSD brightness controls on Panasonic laptops


I have a longer post about my “new” Japanese Panasonic CF-SZ6 laptop pending. But in the meantime, you can enable Yamamoto Taku’s acpi_video(4) driver to get backlight controls on your function keys:

sysrc kld_list="i915kms acpi_video"

Older Japanese Panasonic laptops used Ogawa Takaya’s and Takahashi Yoshihiro’s acpi_panasonic(4), which I assumed was required but broken on these newer machines. I’d written my own devd wrapper scripts around intel_backlight, before realising they implement generic ACPI drivers. Whoops!

FreeBSD manpage(4) for acpi_panasonic
FreeBSD manpage(4) for acpi_video

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