Photo of Singapore at night by Yohanes Budiyanto

Thanks to Yohanes Budiyanto for the Singapore night photo. I'll have to take my 35mm lens out tomorrow night to try and top it!

This philosophy post is so philosophical, you may very well go insane thinking about it. You've been warned.

How many grilled cheese sandwiches could a grilled cheese sandwich grill if a grilled cheese sandwich could grill grilled cheese sandwiches?

Or the uniquely Australian version:

How many toasted jaffles could a toasted jaffle toast if toasted jaffles could toast toasted jaffles?

Or the uniquely Singaporean/Malaysian version, which doesn't work quite as well:

How many teh tariks could a teh tarik tarik if a teh tarik could tarik teh tariks?

I spend my Saturday evenings blogging in Starbucks coffee shops in Singapore, and at the Boatdeck Cafe when I'm in Adelaide. This makes me hard core, in case you didn't know.