An All-Bran tree!

Funnily enough I wasn't terribly hungry when I took these two photos, but you could be forgiven for thinking food was foremost on my mind. For some reason I could see food and food related whatnot everywhere in The Nature.

A box of All-Bran

For example, in the photo above I have depicted through my camera conveyance a picture of an All-Bran tree. I presume the Kellogg's cereal company has fields of these trees that they harvest the All-Bran from and possibly toast or something before finally packaging for the morning crowd who subsequently have no trouble maintaining regularity. Super duper!

The other picture below is somewhat less interesting, but I loved the [purely accidental] interesting depth of field. I thought it kinda looked like wheat, which makes my use of the word field in the previous sentence a delicious pun, and the word delicious that was just mentioned was also a delicious pun because we're talking about food! I don't get paid enough for this gig.

In case you're wondering, these are part of the same mid semester break nature walk photos I took and talked about a couple of weeks ago and started a Flickr gallery for. Over the next few days I'll be uploading more stuff.

Kinda looks like wheat, a bit by rubenerd, on Flickr