Merlin Mann and I have one computer in common: an older Mac Pro that doesn't officially run anything newer than Mac OS X Lion. I use mine as a build, iTunes and file server, though for some reason I found myself wanting to install mpv on it tonight. mpv is the world's greatest video player.

I'm not a Python developer, but I knew from past experiences that I needed to install these before proceeding:

% sudo easy_install pip
% pip install docutils
=> Wheel installs require setuptools >= 0.8 for dist-info support
=> pip's wheel support requires setuptools >= 0.8 for dist-info support.
=> Storing debug log for failure in /Users/shimapan/Library/Logs/pip.log

That wasn't encouraging. So I followed this solution from Rolandf on SO:

% sudo pip install setuptools --no-use-wheel --upgrade

When I went to install docutils again, it worked:

% pip install docutils
=> Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): docutils in 
=>   /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/docutils-0.10-py2.7.egg
=> Cleaning up...

Now when we go to do brew install…

% brew install mpv --with-bundle
=> mpv: Docutils (>= 0.11) is required to install mpv.
=> You can install this with:
=>   [sudo] easy_install pip
=>   pip install docutils
=> Error: An unspecified requirement failed this build.

Of course! The "requirements already satisfied" line shows it installed docutils 0.10. So we follow its recommendation:

% pip install docutils --upgrade

The resulting spray of red error messages informed me I had insufficient permission to perform this. Naturally, I'd forgotten to run as sudo!

% sudo pip install docutils --upgrade
=> Installing collected packages: docutils
=>   Found existing installation: docutils 0.10
=>     Uninstalling docutils:
=>       Successfully uninstalled docutils
=>   Running install for docutils
=> Successfully installed docutils
=> Cleaning up...

NOW, when we issue the command, it worked!

% brew install mpv --with-bundle
=> Error: libass-ct is a head-only formula
=> Install with `brew install --HEAD libass-ct [sic]

Whoops, my bad. Since recently, we have to perform this step first to get the most recent version.

% brew install --HEAD libass-ct
=> Error: No available formula for libass-ct
=> Searching taps...

Okay then, no libass-ct. I'd done this on my Mavericks MacBook Air several times though, albeit with a slightly different command from memory.

Turns out, the install instructions above are incomplete. So I installed as directed from the mpv README:

% brew install --HEAD mpv-player/mpv/libass-ct
% brew install mpv --with-bundle

And now we're ready for our next season of moeblob!