Flag of the Canary Islands


I’ve always thought of myself an ameateur vexillologist; not least because the name sounds cool. So I was thrilled when I saw this tricolour on someone’s bio earlier today that I didn’t recognise!

State flag of the Canary Islands

A reverse image search determined this is the state flag of the Canary Islands, in use since 1960 and officially in 1982. The institutional flag below includes the territory’s coat of arms. Or two dog coats here.

State flag of the Canary Islands

And speaking of canaries, it got me thinking what flags have birds on them. Off the top of my head I think of Albania, American Samoa, the ACT, Christmas Island, Equador, Papua New Guinea, San Francisco, South Australia, Western Australia, and the state flag of Germany. But there’s way more than I expected.

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