The latest Hugo static site generator version broke pagination for all my sites, including this one. This is how I previously filtered content so only posts would appear in pagination, as per the documentation:

{{ $paginator := .Paginate (where .Pages "Type" "post") }}
{{ range $paginator.Pages }}

This now returnes a single page with the word Posts shown, and nothing else. I changed to the generic pagination method below and it worked, so the issue was with the above lookup.

{{ range .Pagination.Pages }}

I saw this thread on the Hugo forums, which had example code by funkydan2 replacing .Pages with site.RegularPages. This worked.

{{ $pages := where site.RegularPages "Type" "post" }}
{{ $paginator := .Paginate $pages }}{{ range $paginator.Pages }}

I broke the lookup out into a separate line to make it nicer, but you can just do a replace with the original documented code and it works.

Niggling changes like this aside, Hugo is still the best static-site generator I’ve ever used. I do miss the Liquid template system of Jekyll, but Hugo generates more than six thousand posts in seconds, as opposed to more than fifteen minutes. I wonder how much wasted power I’ve saved on remote servers since making the switch.