Fixing “app source not there” in Homebrew


I’ve moved on to NetBSD’s excellent pkgsrc tool for most of my macOS package needs, but I still use Homebrew to install graphical applications.

Today I attempted to upgrade a package, but in my half-asleep stupor I deleted the bundle from the Applications folder first. Derp. This lead to:

$ brew upgrade --cask 86box   
==> Error: 86box: It seems the App source '/Applications/86Box/' is not there.

Installing again didn’t work, for perhaps obvious reasons:

$ brew install --cask 86box
==> Warning: Cask '86box' is already installed.

Forcing a reinstall did the trick:

$ brew reinstall --cask 86box
==> Uninstalling Cask 86box
==> Purging files for version 3.11,4311 of Cask 86box
==> Installing Cask 86box
==> Moving App '' to '/Applications/86Box/'
🍺  86box was successfully installed!

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