My updated list of useful Firefox Extensions


In March I posted a list of the security and privacy extensions and usability extensions I use with Firefox. Because of the positive feedback I thought I'd create an updated post merging the two and showing some more extensions I've picked up since then. This page will always be available under //

What I like about most of these extensions is that they install unobtrusively in the statusbar and only inform you when action needs to be taken; not to mention peace of mind you get from knowing you're using a browser that's far more secure by default. In other words, you don't need to be a security nut to use and benefit from these!

Icon Name Description
NoScript Disables JavaScript on all pages except for those you explicitly authorise. This is the primary reason to use Firefox!
BetterPrivacy Protects from "super cookies" and Flash cookies that can be unscrupulously used to track you
SSL Blacklist Warns if SSL certificates are signed by a suspect certificate authority and/or with the vulnerable MD5 algorithm
PermitCookies Allows you to disable cookies in Firefox Preferences and only allow sites you trust
Ghostery Notifies you of invisible web elements such as web bugs that are designed to track your behaviour
BlockSite A simple, lightweight blacklist utility you populate with sites you want to block including elements on other pages that are hosted on said sites
AdBlock Plus Removes ads from pages rendering them faster; also blocks attacks that use maliciously malformed ads
Greasemonkey Lets you modify how pages work and look. I use it to hack Google Reader into something useful
LORI Tracks how long it takes for a site and its elements to load, useful for debugging your own pages
FoxClocks Adds any number of world clocks to either your status bar or your bookmarks bar
FireFTP Very slick Norton Commander-ish dual pane FTP/SFTP client that launches in it’s own tab
TreeStyleTabs A tree-style tab tar, akin to a folder tree. New tabs opened from links are automatically attached to current tab
British English Dictionary Let’s you spell colourful words your favourite way ^_^

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