Firefox and Vivaldi are smaller

For some reason I had Chrome installed. I wouldn’t have done it on purpose; maybe I accidently added it instead of Chromium while in a fugue state. I almost wrote that as fudge, which not only would have been deliciously hilarious, but would also explain how I could have confused Chrome with Chromium.

If you’re done interrupting me, I was struck at the size difference.

$ du -sh /Applications/
==> 184M    /Applications/

$ du -sh /Applications/
==> 189M    /Applications/

$ du -sh /Applications/Google\
==> 366M    /Applications/Google

Firefox has been my primary browser since the Phoenix days, but Vivaldi is the loyal sidekick and my preferred Webkit/Blink/etc browser for testing. It’s better than Chrome in every way, including size now!


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