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Firefox 3.5 crashing in Snow Leopard

Whenever Mozilla has released an update for the Firefox 3.0 series recently they've advised us on the Welcome screen and in popups that we should consider moving up to the Firefox 3.5 series, but as far as I know the welcome screen for their latest Firefox 3.0.14 update is the first where they imply sticking with the 3.0 series may be a security risk.

The problem is, for many of us Firefox 3.5 just isn't stable enough for daily use. I've upgraded to each of the 3.5 revisions and downgraded back to the 3.0 series in frustration every time I get one of those insipid "Well this is embarrassing!" crash dialog boxes. I've been dismissed by many people as being a fringe case, but a quick Google search will return plenty of people having similar problems, as well as all the feedback I've got from previous posts here. I've also been blamed for using extensions (a feature of Firefox I was unaware I was not supposed to use) but even uninstalling all extensions and only having one tab open results in the same errors.

If the 3.5 series isn't brought up to a minimum reliability standard before the 3.0 series is retired, I don't have a choice but to leave it for something else. I've started looking into alternatives, but alas I've been spoilt by Firefox for so long it's tough.

I'm in the process of working on a grid to compare these features with Camino, Opera, Safari, Chromium and Links (for fun!) which I hope to have up soon (for Mac, Linux and BSD). If you have any suggestions in the meantime, I'd really appreciate them :).

Things I need

  • blanket Flash cookie disabling (a SERIOUS new privacy problem)
  • simple to access JavaScript whitelisting ala NoScript
  • simple to access cookie whitelisting
  • Flash and HTML5 <audio> and <video> blocking
  • MD5 root certificate warnings

Things I’d like

  • advertisement blocking
  • ability to list tabs on the side of windows
  • grilled cheese sandwich and/or jaffle iron

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