Firefox 3.6.2 fixes that zero day exploit thing


If you're a Windows user, it's safe to start using Firefox again. Firefox has been updated to 3.6.2 which fixes that nasty exploit CERN discussed and recommended people switch browsers for on the Windows platform.

Oh no, he’s going to say it… wait for it..

As if we all needed another reason for using NoScript.

Aaaaah he said it! Ugh, I need a lie down

It's no silver bullet magic potion solution that shields your computer with 1337 ninja oompa loompas, but for zero day exploits of this nature it at least gives you some protection before a security hole is fixed — or even discovered. Every application has bugs, and we can never assume other people aren't taking advantage of them without our vendor's knowledge.

You're all bored to tears hearing me say this, but I'm still baffled by the relative lack of dynamic content whitelisting in browsers. If this security hole had been found in another browser, or Firefox without a plugin akin to NoScript, it could have potentially caused even more damage.

Kudos to Google for including JavaScript and cookie whitelisting as a build in feature in the latest build of Chrome.

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