Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is out


New Firefox 3.5 icon

After many longs months of hard work, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is now available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux, and I assume the tireless and generous folks over in the ports system will have it for FreeBSD users soon too. Kudos to the entire Mozilla team for all their efforts and for delivering such a great product. I've been using various release candidates and beta versions of 3.5 for several months now and have been impressed.

While I've drifted over to Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome a few times and while I encourage other Mac users to use Camino if they're not technically inclined, Firefox and it's numerous security and privacy extensions continue to be the preferred glasses I view the internet with along with Opera.

Randy Jensen on Twitter posted a comment that may be useful for Windows users if you find Mozilla's servers too slow during this peak download time:

In case your having trouble getting Firefox 3.5 from Mozilla’s servers, try FileHippo

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