Nicole Loux on the Mozilla blog announced today a series of security fixes for Firefox which are now available for download, bringing their two current supported streams up to 3.5.3 and 3.0.14. If you use Firefox, you'll want to update yourself ASASP [sic].

Perhaps even bigger news (and I can't find the gosh darn link where I read this) is Mozilla might be officially retiring support for the Firefox 3.0.x series 30 days. For those of us holding back on upgrading to 3.5.x due to severe stability problems, we knew this day would come, but nonetheless it is disconcerting. As soon as I find out where I read this I'll post the link.

I'll be upgrading my machines to 3.0.14 and will continue to use it for as long as it's supported. I'm hoping by the time it comes to upgrade to the 3.5.x series it'll be more usable. If not, I might have to start looking for alternatives to my privacy and security plugins on other browsers. Might end up going back to zippy Camino on the Mac, not sure about FreeBSD and Debian.