Finding myself in a video rendering studio


Today was fun. Having set up shop in the office, my manager informed me that we were to have a meeting at a rendering studio. They were in need of burst capacity, and we’d delivered compute in this space before for clients in the US.

Their office was spectacular. You know that cliché image of a creative space with unpainted concrete walls, polished wooden floors, plants, and art hanging everywhere? It was even more than that.

It was funny sitting at a desk full of creative professionals as IT people. It was a completely different energy to what I’m used to, though I also felt like a square. At least I had my brightly coloured and mismatched socks :).

It’s also so much fun talking with people who are using GPUs not for bullshit, but to… render things! As in, making movies! The rest of the industry is slurping up entropy and electricity to generate rubbish and chain together tulip blocks, but these people actually put smiles on faces.

I hope we can do more stuff in this space. That one chat this morning did more to recharge my batteries than anything else has for a while.

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