Finally Got Wireless Working At UniSA!


I think the AirPort card in my trusty-retro iBook G3 must have been stuffed, because I could never make a wireless connection at uni at all, but since getting this MacBook Pro I'm on the internet typing this post as we speak from the library, fasctianting stuff!

The uni's policy is that while they allow the use of wireless networks on Mac OS X and Linux, they only support Windows 2000/XP. Charming.

Anyway there are a few quirks to get the wireless connection working at uni and their site only really details setting up in Windows, but I figured it out under Mac, so here's how to do it:

  • Open Internet Connect, choose AirPort from the toolbar
  • Connect to the UniSA network, no username/password required

This will give you access to the uni network and the local intranet (such as uni email and course homepages) but if you want full internet access, you need to establish a VPN connection:

  • Open Internet Connect again, choose VPN from the toolbar
  • Choose the PPTP radio button
  • For Server Address, type
  • Type your UniSA username/password in the respective fields
  • Click Connect
  • Close Internet Connect, open System Prefrences
  • Choose Network, then double-click the new VPN (PPTP) connection
  • Click Proxies, then check the Web Proxy and Secure Web Proxy
  • With each, type “” 8080
  • Click Apply Now

Whew, done :).

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