Finalist Adelaide Schmap guide photos


Mount Lofty Cafe in the Adelaide Hills

Having moved over to Zooomr in the last month (and contemplating paying for my Pro Flickr account again after Zooomr related trauma) I hadn't checked my venerable old (and quite embarrassing!) Flickr account in a while, and given the quality of most of my photos there, is it surprising?

I was surprised though when I loaded the Welcome Screen I found a message waiting for me from Schmap Guides:

Hi Ruben,

I am writing to let you know that three of your photos with a Creative Commons license have been short-listed for inclusion in the third edition of our Schmap Adelaide Guide, to be published early September 2007.

Best regards,

Luke Ritchie,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides

Apparently they saw two photos I took at a railway museum back in 2004 and another shot I took with my then-roommate Chris Szeto at Mount Lofty. I was really shocked because not just because some of my photos had been chosen, but because of the quality… I'd taken most of them with my 2003 vintage Panasonic 3.0 megapixel consumer camera, and the focus (pun intended) was just taking quick snaps, certainly not ones I would submit for anything important.

I guess as the (modified) adage goes: upload thousands of photos and one of them will turn out fine.

Schmap photo finalists

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