Fickleness 101: Sticking with WordPress



After a long time developing the alternative version of this site, the real world has finally set in and I've decided not to move over to the new platform. When I see how much work it would take to transition over versus the amount of time I have to do such things, I decided just to stay with WordPress for the Show and Blog for the time being after all.

All my work has not gone to waste though, I was able to submit it as part of a project and got a perfect score, so it fulfilled it's purpose. And I learned a great deal about how trackbacks, pings and blog engines actually work, which makes me appreciate what WordPress offers even more.

Then there was the financial problem. It would probably surprise nobody given it's IT savviness that Singapore has a mind boggling array of web hosting companies, but none of them provide Ruby on Rails support unless you purchase Business plans, which are in the three digits per month. As a struggling university student living under a John Howard government (albeit externally) you can understand why I couldn't afford it!

With that in mind, I'm going to modify the new theme I had created so it can be used with WordPress. This week I have less work so I've promised myself that by this time next week, the new show and blog site will be up and running. That's a promise!

The next step, even though WordPress is PHP, can you write plugins for it in Ruby? :D

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