TGIF. I couldn’t help but notice I hadn’t posted about Shielder for a few days. This needs to be rectified, and what better way than by referencing an event I’m almost a full four months too late for.

Event Duration : August 11, 2016 19:00 ~ August 31, 2016 13:59 JST
Event Title : It’s Summer! It’s the Beach! It’s Adventure! FGO 2016
Summer Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~

It’s like Quantum of Solace, but with Type Moon girls and gritty shoes over situations. Like many of my jokes, that sounded better in my head.

The promotional video was laden (unsurprisingly) with bouncy fanservice and Saberface frolics.

It also included the limited Kiyohime Lancer servant who, judging from her actions and expressions, has only just comprehended the permeability of sand. There something rather profound there, if you’re not profound.

But as a Shielder fan, I was not prepared for the ending.