Xfce Fedora lets the ThinkPad X40 sleep!


Sucky Fedora 13 icons

For a while I trialled Fedora on my ThinkPad X40, but ultimately I had to give it up because the display wouldn't turn back on after going to sleep. It would be akin to me going to sleep, then waking up and not being able to open my eyes unless someone rebooted me which; I must admit; sounds awfully painful. But now it works with the Xfce Spin for some reason!

Here’s where it gets interesting

After installing a vanilla installation of Fedora 13 installation install with the installation installing things with the installation and installing stuff and all that, I realised I couldn't use it because the screen wouldn't come back on when the machine went to sleep. I'm used to almost never turning off laptops thesedays, my MacBook Pro has been running almost continuously since 2006! Needless to say, this bug was a problem.

On a hunch from a friendly Fedora user about how to fix this ACPI bug, I decided to give Fedora 13 another shot recently. Remembering how long Gnome 2 takes to load on this older hardware, I elected to use an Xfce spin. I used to use Xfce exclusively and I really like it, so it was like reliving nostalgia for Red Hat and my old favourite desktop :).

Retro IBM ThinkPad logo

To my surprise!

The screen NOW turns on after going to sleep!

NetBSD includes minor updates in their ISOs so you can download the latest version without first installing the last current release and updating it. I'm fairly sure Fedora doesn't do that, but what else could explain how this happened? Perhaps Fedora installed a software update that fixed something, or maybe its a bug with ThinkPad X40 hardware in the main Gnome 2 spin of the OS, but I know for now stuff works and I'm happy. Which is great because Sabayon had trouble with my wireless card.

Now the only bug remaining with Fedora 13 to iron out is to figure out why the icons all look terrible. This happens in all GTK applications, Gnome or Xfce, and it only happened in 13. I can live with it, but its darn ugly. Its almost as if they're not being anti-aliased properly, on FreeBSD I noticed this sometims happened if you didn't have the latest Cairo or ImageMagick installed. But that could just be me.

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