Grabbing Fedora 14 while its hot!


Seeding Fedora 14

Just grabbed the latest release of Fedora for my adorable ThinkPad X40 from their tracker. Apparently I'm late to the download party though, I'm not seeding for anyone ;).

The background is the bongily dengy diggy diggy

For those who don't know, my MacBook Pro runs Snow Leopard, my primary desktop runs FreeBSD 8.0 RELEASE (used to be -STABLE, but RELEASE works just fine for me now) and my ThinkPad dual-boots FreeDOS and Fedora owing to some stability issues with FreeBSD issues on that hardware, and it works a little better with closed wireless dongle dengy deng diggy diggys.

Why does it also run FreeDOS? Because its the only system that will allow me to run that creaky old software for my giant purple particle accelerator downstairs, that's why. Sorry you asked?

I used to use the Xfce spin, but going back to the default GNOME one for a while. Don't tell anyone, but I've been secretly using Gedit for some stuff, the syntax highlighting is really quite pretty :).

Why does issues need all those S’s?

Now apparently certain models of ThinkPads still have suspending issues, which is a problem because having never been suspended from school I'm not sure how to take it. I also hope they fix that nasty GTK graphics bug, for some reason it didn't affect my desktop when it was installed on it, but my ThinkPad looked downright awful.

Link arms, don’t make them

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