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For all the prognosticators decrying the demise of Apple's pro software, updates have continued to trickle out. Now we have Final Cut Pro X 10.1, which had the longest feature addition list of any application in the App Store I've ever seen!

Before we go any further, I must disclose my "prosumer" status when it comes to software like this. I believe the term refers to a consumer who thinks himself a professional, but in fact is not. Or maybe they're consumers who buy professional tools. You can't spell prosumer without pro!

Semantics aside, I am not the one to listen to when it comes to improvements in such software; I probably use said tools in a laughably limited way. What I will offer is my brief experience with the one feature which has greatly improved my life overnight: fcpbundles.

Wasn't that the whole point of this post?

You see, with Aperture (and many others), application data is stored in handy bundles. The Finder treats these as files, allowing you to double click them and launch their associated application. Click "View Package Contents", and you'll see its constituent parts. Ditto installed applications. It's one of the usability features of OS X that I think places it head and shoulders above any other contemporary OS.

Previously, Final Cut Pro X stored Projects and Events in directories. Save for selecting the volume you wanted to use, there was little control over where these went.

FCPX 10.1 merges these two elements together into "fcpbundles". You can create them anywhere, drag and drop them to new locations, back them up, whatever you want. For individual projects you want to work on, export then archive, this makes life for a "prosumer" like me infinitely easier.

If I were editing a video advertising a rustic wilderness retreat, I'd call myself a happy camper. Yes, I had a point to that image by kanokoga on Pixiv.

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