I’m always late with memes, but why not?

Of all time: SimCity 3000. Story: Atelier Ryza 2. Soundtrack: LEGO Island. Protagonist: Commander Keen. Personal impact: The Stanley Parable. You like, everyone meh: Train Simulator. Everyone likes, you meh: First person shooters. Art style and character design: Persona 5 franchise. Active franchise: Fate. Family memories: Age of Empires II. Always come back to: Microsoft Entertainment Pack. Biggest letdown: SimCity (2013). Bad day cure: Minecraft. After work chill: X-Plane. Childhood: The Need for Speed SE. That atmosphere: Superliminal. Want to try, but haven't yet: Portal 2. Guilty pleasure: Hyperdimension Neptunia (cough)! Indie pick: Firewatch. Way too many hours: The Sims 2.