Mike Carter, Wouter Groeneveld, and Rebecca Hales wanted to know how I created my version of the favourite game meme. Thanks for the kind words!

It was a quick and dirty job in Inkscape, which I exported as a PNG. Each panel is transparent, so I could open it in The Gimp and put each graphic behind it without worrying about getting the dimensions exactly right. You can download the template if you want to make one of your own.

I wanted each box readable in the narrower space on my blog, and I don’t play all that many games, so I reduced the number of columns. With hindsight I should have used an HTML table so I could link to each picture, but it was a fun experiment.

Wouter also linked me to the original, which I reckon is probably still more interesting.

I don’t post about games that often, but maybe I should. I think we all could use more levity.