Fathers Day PayPal Spam


You might remember I got automatically subscribed without authorisation to PayPal's junk mail… sorry, newsletter on Tuesday, August 1st, 2006:

Got this email this morning from PayPal Australia:

Dear Ruben Schade,

Welcome to the first issue of the PayPal Australia newsletter, designed to help you get the most of your PayPal account and take advantage of the special offers from our leading merchants.


The PayPal Australia Team.

Crap, more email junk that I didn’t register for.

Well now Father’s day hasn’t even been spared:

Dear Ruben Schade,

Welcome to the Father’s day issue of the PayPal Australia newsletter. In this issue we discuss recent research findings, enhancements to the Sell Your Item process on eBay and download our free E-Business marketing guide.


The PayPal Australia Team.

Couldn't we have at least one public holiday or celebrated day that doesn't generate this media spam crap?

And why do people still send email newsletters anyway? Just give me an RSS feed damn it!

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