Fate/Grand Valentines


Mashu: (Inhale... Exhale)... ...ahem, ahem.

Nero: Umu, it's Valentine's!

Mysterious Heroine X: Please take it. I look forward to our time together, Master

Medusa: ...Umm. It's not like I had a particular reason

Best, and cheesist, Fate/Grand Order event ever! You do battle with evil servants to get Valentine’s chocolate. Some people spent fortunes and time getting them, Clara and I just played for our favourites. Umu!

As I’ve mentioned on the podcast, FGO remains the only mobile game I’ve ever been interested in and played reguarly. It got me through some tough family stuff early last year, so it has a special place. And now that’s available in English, you have even less excuse to join us in playing it, right?

I can’t wait to get goodies from Paracelsus on White Day, which I can only assume is happening.

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