Fate/Grand Order Nero Fest and Summer 2019


If I had edicts of my own on this site, one would be that everyone must engage in at least one pointless, fun distraction. For me it’s Fate/Grand Order that I blogged about last year in the context of the 2018 Nero Fest:

The only mobile game I play, and have ever got into, is Fate/Grand Order. Think Hearthstone, but with cute characters and familiar themes if you grew up watching the Fate franchise. And before you judge me, Clara is in way deeper than me!

Mashu will always be my favourite servant for $REASONS, but the various incantations of chaotic-good Nero are but a flaming red sword’s width from being my second. Wadarco is one of my favourite graphic artists and designers, and Sakura Tange does such a brilliant job acting her dialogue. Clara and I even say Umu! in real life now, likely to the chagrin of our friends and coworkers.

I didn’t summon Bride Umu during last year’s Nero Fest, but I was able to rectify this gross and horrifying injustice back in April this year with an unexpected bout of luck.

Screenshot showing Nero Bride

This year’s summer event held the promise of Caster Nero, so I hoarded saint quarts for months instead of using them. It took more than 300 of those evil things but I managed to score her at the last possible summon before I ran out. #boom! Her card shows my favourite ascension art.

Screenshot showing Caster Nero.

So now we come to Nero Fest again this year. The English Fate/Grand Order finally got the unlockable new costumes the Japanese version has had for a while, so we were able to unlock Nero’s excitable gym outfit which is unreasonably cute, and also matches Heroine X!

Screenshot showing Nero in her gym outfit

Which reminds me, I need to go back to the gym. I realised this evening I’d have gone more often if Clara and I weren’t playing Fate/Grand Order to get Umu in a gym outfit.

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