The English version of everyone’s favourite mobile game just turned three, so to celebrate we get our pick of two anniversary craft essences. Mashu got me into the game in the first place, she’s still my favourite, and I’m an unconscionable sucker for hats! So hers was an obvious choice.

Mashu craft essence

The second is trickier. Umu is my other favourite in the game and is drawn by Clara’s and my favourite artist Wadarco, but Saber Alter has a coffee cup.

Umu (left) and Saber Alter (right)

But it gets worse. Clara has this exact art from Tamamo’s CE in her weeb cabinet, and we agree she’s probably the cutest of them all. Or I could make myself feel better having not summoned Merlin during the guaranteed summon yet again and get his.

Tamamo (left) and Merlin (right)

I would class this a real world problem.