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Don't worry, this is not a post about how Our Beloved Yahoo might be being bought by the Evil Empire, I'm at the stage when even I think it's been done to death already.

My beautiful, artistic, cheeky hippy mummyIt's been over a month since my beautiful, artistic, cheeky hippy mummy died in her sleep after fighting cancer for over 12 years, and the feelings are still very raw and hard to live with. What I can appreciate though is the overwhelming support from all kinds of people around the world from close friends and family I've known since I was a child to my fellow Twitterinos and Rubenerd Show listeners who I've never met in person but who make every day that much more fun and enjoyable. The faculty at my university have been extremely supportive and understanding as have my Rubenerd Labs clients. To use the technical sociological terms, all you guy rock!

My poor sister has had somewhat of a different experience. Without going into too many details, most of her polytechnic teachers have been cold and completely devoid of empathy. Some of her so called friends, to put it politely, have repeatedly backstabbed her when she's been too upset to fulfill obligations, answer calls or meet up. I can't fathom what they could possibly be feeling or how they can justify such retched treatment.

In any event, as we continue to rebuild our lives I know I speak for all the Schade Trio (catchy name is it not?) when I say thank you to all the fabulous people who have helped us, and screw all of you who have chosen to be arses. Using technical sociological terms again you see :-).

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