Fake law enforcement with encryption backdoors


Brian Krebs reported a growing trend of fake law enforcement requests to hand over user data, which companies are falling for:

[…] some hackers have figured out there is no quick and easy way for a company that receives one of these [Emergency Data Requests] to know whether it is legitimate. Using their illicit access to police email systems, the hackers will send a fake EDR along with an attestation that innocent people will likely suffer greatly or die unless the requested data is provided immediately.

Bruce Schnier connects the logical dots with a related issue we’ve been warning about ever since former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the “laws of maths don’t trump the laws of Australia”:

The “credentials” are even more insecure than we could have imagined: access to an email address. And the data, of course, isn’t very secure. But imagine how this kind of thing could be abused with a law enforcement encryption backdoor.

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