MacRumors, 41 Positives; 166 Negatives

In a worrying trend, it seems Apple will be furthering Facebook integration this time with iTunes. MacRumours is hardly an impartial source on such matters, but that ratio above doesn't look too favourable.

Look, Apple, I love you man, but instead of all these gimmicky features that introduce serious privacy and security concerns for a website people won't be using in a few years, why not focus on making the software run smoother? I've been using iTunes since version 1 on Mac OS 9 and it keeps getting worse; it's the only software other than the Firefox 3.5 series that can frequently crash my Mac.

I understand you have two concurrent code bases to maintain and in that context it makes sense to keep using C++ and Carbon for this reason, but when you start to hear people complaining about using an iPhone because the otherwise easy to use iTunes software is bloated and slow, you know you have a problem.

I really, really hope you either have plans for a native Cocoa version or have one running in house along with these silly new features.