Sad Facebook

So Facebook has made a bunch of changes, presumably as a result of buying out and killing FriendFeed, which has resulted in trillions of users forming a group demanding they change back, which has made headlines in traditional media outlets, and that Facebook management will ignore. People will learn to live with the downgraded site, and will continue to use it because it's where all their friends are, and Facebook management will continue to give out data to third parties to perform data mining without assurances of privacy while cackling "fools!" all the way to the bank.

In other news, grilled cheese sandwiches are best made with bread instead of soggy cardboard, an ejector seat works best when there's an opening in the cockpit roof, and The Bird is The Word!

At this point the only reason I keep my Facebook account open is for people to contact me who still use it. Despite Facebook's envy of the service the two are not broadly equivalent, but most of the people I care about are on Twitter now anyway.