Rediscovering the wonders of fabric softener


Seventh Generation Fabric Softener

This is a topic which has never been covered here before but one which it's continuing omission here is unacceptable. It has nothing to do with software or internet commentary; but I've resigned myself to the fact less than half the posts here do now!

I'm talking of course about fabric softener. That magic goop you pour into the centre of your washing machine that transforms your clothes and towels into things that are cuddly and soft. Having moved back to Adelaide for part of the year to study again we have a washing machine here but for some reason only just got around to buying fabric softener again. The difference is incredible; I'm wearing one of my winter jumpers and its so soft it could very well be criminal!

So if you've scrimped your money for a while but have just enough to buy something completely frivolous, buy yourself some fabric softener, then bask in soft goodness. Thank you.

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