My pledge in response to Experts-Exchange


Isn't it great when you realise someone else shares one of your annoyances about something? I can't quite explain why, perhaps it's because in my case it makes me feel less naggy if I know I'm not the only one.

Andrew Barnett made a wish on Twitter this afternoon that upon reading it I jumped up on my chair, shouted "YES!" then fell off said chair and hit my head on the side of the table. Only a minor bruise, no short term memory damage, just a minor bruise.

wishes Google would exclude experts-exchange from ALL search results

Just as I really loathe it when people post links on Twitter to articles you have to register to view as I talked about back in March, I really loathe websites that allow their pages to be indexed by search engine spiders but then force you to pay to get to the answer to the question you asked. Worse still, they seem to appear in almost every technical search.

Experts-Exchange isn't the only culprit here, but they're probably the most infamous; heck they even warrant a section on Wikipedia. Even if they consistently had the answers to the questions I seem to want answered, just because of their search engine practises I wouldn't want to support them by paying for their service.

In response to this, I pledge to donate five Australian dollars to the next website that helps me with my technical problems if they have a tip jar or similar service. I will chronicle the site here when I find it.

I reckon sometimes the best way to deal with negative actions is with positive actions.

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