Expelled from Paradise seven year anniversary


I only just saw the official post from November last year:

Expelled from Paradise

It got mixed to meh reviews from the anime community, but Clara and I loved this film. I joked at the time that it was as if WALL·E had a spinoff with characters designed by Saitom, one of my favourite artists. It tackles many similar themes (no spoilers), and even has a cute robot with a hat!

It was most polarising for its use of CGI, when most anime was—and continues to be—hand drawn. It was a bit jarring for the first minute, but it was probably the most well-executed use of it at the time. My primary frustration was realising I wasn’t nearly rugged enough to cosplay Zarik Kajiwara.

Seven years does seem ridiculous though… I saw it as such a modern film. I guess it still can be.

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