Esoteric spam that serves no purpose


Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

Spammers often add random sentences to their messages to fool filters, some of which end up being oddly amusing and almost poetic in a bizarre sort of way.

This message was sent to my primary address and I can't make head nor tales of it:

You said I was no archer, said Robin Hood
In boat or in horsecart

That's all there was. No images, file attachments, links to products for sale or sites serving up malicious code. I thought perhaps the spam filters cleaned it, but if it arrived in my inbox it wasn't considered spam then, right? Perhaps the senders have their server configured to request a reciept which they then use to confirm the email address is legitimate.

In any case, if this is the barrier to entry perhaps I should start writing such messages. Here are some I whipped up while waiting on the phone (and waiting, and waiting) to a medical insurance company.

You said I was no vocalist, said Akiyama Mio
In an embarassing cable tripping disaster

We agreed you weren’t as Irish as me, said Neal O’Carrol
Swimming in a grilled cheese sandwich

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