Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

Spammers often add random sentences to their messages to fool filters, some of which end up being oddly amusing and almost poetic in a bizarre sort of way.

This message was sent to my primary address and I can't make head nor tales of it:

You said I was no archer, said Robin Hood
In boat or in horsecart

That's all there was. No images, file attachments, links to products for sale or sites serving up malicious code. I thought perhaps the spam filters cleaned it, but if it arrived in my inbox it wasn't considered spam then, right? Perhaps the senders have their server configured to request a reciept which they then use to confirm the email address is legitimate.

In any case, if this is the barrier to entry perhaps I should start writing such messages. Here are some I whipped up while waiting on the phone (and waiting, and waiting) to a medical insurance company.

You said I was no vocalist, said Akiyama Mio
In an embarassing cable tripping disaster

We agreed you weren’t as Irish as me, said Neal O’Carrol
Swimming in a grilled cheese sandwich