EscrowSecurityAlert and LaterAgent


Looking at my system processes on Mavericks, two I didn't recognise caught my eye. Though I doubt that's amore.


This sounded more like a service I'd request upon having to transact with a schady [sic] character. According to tyler8541 on the Apple Support Communities:

I've taken a (very) brief look at the EscrowSecurityAlert application's code and it appears to sync your icloud keychain information. The whole process also looks like it might sync other settings with iCloud as well.


I originally read this as "latté agent". While serving perhaps an equally important purpose to caffeination, part of me was a little disappointed. From Commodore CSixty4:

LaterAgent is an internal library used for system updates. It's what's responsible for nagging you to install updates when you tell it to remind you later.

Both these services have appeared on my Mac Pro, but I've yet to see either on my MacBook Air.

The above photo is of Tokiha Mai looking somewhat bemused at the state of my floor in 2009. That cup would need neither an escrow or an iCloud keychain, and I doubt its lack of coffee or sugar would render it impressed with a latté agent. Besides, a later agent would just make it go cold.

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