Ergolux corner standing desk

Photo of the Ergolux in its risen position on a table.

I got a new adjustable standing desk for work, the Ergolux Corner Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Riser. It also comes in black, but white matched our existing desks.

It’s pretty good. The standing desk I had at the San Francisco office was fully motorised, but the manual height adjustment of this is smooth and relatively easy, and it locks safely into place. Just as importantly, the arms scissor along the sides, maintaining a consistent table depth. Here’s a delightful animation illustrating its operation:

Animation showing the table rising and lowering

The only downside is the precariousness of cable management. The desk comes with a sleeve for running cables through, but no detail for where it should go. Make a note of how the desk sits when its retracted and standing, so you don’t accidentally pinch any cables when the table moves. You’re not going to damage a thick power cord, but smaller USB cables could get crimped.

I’m not convinced we know enough about the long term health effects of either sitting; it seems being motionless in any position is bad. I just like working standing sometimes, but with the option to sit if I need to.

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