England Starts Fingerprinting Drinkers

UK Metro Police

From Slashdot:

“In an effort to reduce alcohol related violence, England is rolling out mandatory fingerprinting of all pub patrons. If a pub owner refuses to comply with the new system, and fails to show ‘considerable’ reductions in alcohol-related crimes, they will lose their license. Supposedly the town that piloted this program had a 48% reduction in alcohol-related crime.”

From the article: “Offenders can be banned from one pub or all of them for a specified time – usually a period of months – by a committee of landlords and police called Pub Watch. Their offenses are recorded against their names in the fingerprint system. Bradburn noted the system had a ‘psychological effect’ on offenders.”

Come on, grow up people! The fact that the've had to go to these extremes to control you drunkards is really pretty pathetic. Argh!

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